About Forest Revenue Online Revenue & e-Procurement System Shri Parimal Sukla Baidya, the Honourable Minister of Assam Environment & Forest has taken the initiative to use Information Technology in streamlining the procedures for bringing about complete transparency in the various revenue linked processes of the department by introducing an Online Revenue & e-Procurement System which was formally launched for Cachar Division, Assam as a pilot & innovative project with the help of Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. (AMTRON) on 25th July 2018 at Silchar. Stakeholders in the Project:
  1. The Environment & Forest Department, Govt. of Assam
  2. Government Users – Other Government Departments/PSUs like PWD, ONGC, etc.
  3. Contractors – of any department, and Mahaldars of Forest Department, etc.
Purpose: This includes mainly the following two purposes:
  1. Government Revenue Collection Online – This includes Application Fees and Forest Royalty for purchase of minor minerals, timber and other forest produce by any other government department and/or contractors for carrying out various public works. The revenue collection is in-built with the process of issuing of Permits and Transit Challans to the contractors.
  2. Online Auctioning and e-Procurement – This feature has been customized for the Assam Forest Department to float Lease and Royalty Type Sale Auction, the purpose of which is to select Mahaldars through a bidding system for a specific lease period to look after specified areas under the Forest Department from where the contractors would purchase minor minerals. This system also deals with the settlement process of the Mahaldars and issue of Permits and Transit Challans to the Contractors for purchase of the minor minerals from the designated areas (or Mahals).
The Assam Forest Department would be generating 95% of the Forest Royalty using this online system which will also help in streamlining the departmental workflow between the forest officials including DFOs, Range officers, Dealing Assistants, etc. Key Features Include: Some of the salient features implemented in the online system are listed as follows:
  1. Registration of all Contractors using Digital Signature
  2. Automated Digitally Signed Indent Generation by other Government Departments.
  3. Automated Digitally Signed Demand Notice to the contractors
  4. Issue of Digitally Signed Online Permits to the Contractors.
  5. Issue & tracking of Transit Challans by QR-Code
  6. Online Tracking of Vehicles used in transportation of minor minerals, timber, etc.
  7. Enforcement Checks Online by use of QR-Codes in Permits & Passes
  8. Defacement of Permit by associating Transit Challan Booklet Online
  9. Lease and Revenue Type Online Auction & e-Procurement process for selection of Mahaldars
  10. Online MIS Support for all stakeholders
Portal for Online access The main website for online access is www.asssamforestonline.in from where the Contractors, Mahaldars, Forest Officials and other Government Users can login. A single sign-on system is available to connect to the www.assametenders.in portal also for participating in the Online Auction and e-Procurement processes.